THE SPIRIT OF FAITH (A book review)

In the words of Mark Hankins:

“Catch the spirit of faith and pass it on. You must catch the spirit of faith. The spirit of faith must be imparted. You can catch it by associating with people who have it. The spirit of faith is contagious! When you have it, you pass it on to others.”

“The spirit of faith is unlimited. It takes the limits off God. God is not only a big, big, big God; but he is also a good, good, good God! Take the limits off his ability and his goodness.”

“The spirit of faith believes and speaks the unlimited possibilities of God. The spirit of faith will make a Tadpole slap a whale. It will make you swing out over hell on a cornstalk and spit in the devil’s eye. You can never acheive the impossible if you never attempt the impossible. The spirit of faith will position you to possess God”s best blessings.”

(Excerpts from “The Spirit of Faith” by Mark Hankins.)
Thirty five chapters of spirit inspired writings on the subject matter of Faith have radically changed my thinking and speaking; and I’m not yet done! You can hear the voice of Jesus encouraging us to possess what he died to give us, calling out to the present day christian – “ACT LIKE THE BIBLE IS TRUE COS IT’S TRUE!”. 
Mark hankins, in this book, challenges the beliver to use his tongue in fighting and winning the good fight of faith. He does this in his characteristic funny and “down to earth” style. 
I recommend this book as a must read for every christian who aims at an ever increasing and limitless faith walk with God.
You can get this or any other book from Mark Hankins at your local christian bookstore or place your order online at or

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