4tlg EXCLUSIVE: Psalmuel Bib Drops New Single; “Newland”

Psalmuel Bib just hit us with a brand new single called “Newland”

psalmuel Bib

NEW LAND is a song of prayer for Nigeria; her citizens and leadership.
In the midst of the prevailing economic and political climate in Nigeria, this motivating song will surely rekindle faith and purpose in the heart of millions of her citizens. By incorporating Nigeria’s major languages; yoruba, igbo and hausa  into the song, Psalmuel Bib has managed to kill several birds with one stone. He’s sent out a message of unity, ultimately urging Nigerians to identify with one another in-spite of tribal barriers. This song of hope will spur you to prayer and strengthen your resolve to join in building a new Nigeria. Listen and download here

If you enjoyed this, Psalmuel is inviting you to be a part of  its video project.  Drop your comments and ideas on the comment box here or on facebook you can also send an e-mail to psalmuelbib@yahoo.com  or hook up with him on hulkshare


4tlg Exclusive; Agba Joshu (Joshua Fashina) Releases Brand New video!

Finally!!! The wait is over. Many of you probably don’t know Joshua Fashina (Agba Joshu), but if you’ve been on the Christian and Jazz music scene in Nigeria long enough, then you’ve got to have heard of him. He is one of the few Bass guitarists from Nigeria that have received worldwide acclaim and deservedly so. Having worked with great minds like Ebenezer Obey and Mike Aremu, it’s no wonder he was named “Nigeria’s most outstanding bass guitarist for the year 2012”. Trust me; this man has been around for long. Over fifteen years of experience has got to count somehow and it did!

That’s why we’re proud to present “African Praise”, the video to his brand new single.If you love traditional African beats and lyrics, then you’re in for a treat. Gear up for a good laugh too.The music style is called “Bolojo”. Enjoy!