4tlg EXCLUSIVE: Psalmuel Bib Drops New Single; “Newland”

Psalmuel Bib just hit us with a brand new single called “Newland”

psalmuel Bib

NEW LAND is a song of prayer for Nigeria; her citizens and leadership.
In the midst of the prevailing economic and political climate in Nigeria, this motivating song will surely rekindle faith and purpose in the heart of millions of her citizens. By incorporating Nigeria’s major languages; yoruba, igbo and hausa  into the song, Psalmuel Bib has managed to kill several birds with one stone. He’s sent out a message of unity, ultimately urging Nigerians to identify with one another in-spite of tribal barriers. This song of hope will spur you to prayer and strengthen your resolve to join in building a new Nigeria. Listen and download here

If you enjoyed this, Psalmuel is inviting you to be a part of  its video project.  Drop your comments and ideas on the comment box here or on facebook you can also send an e-mail to psalmuelbib@yahoo.com  or hook up with him on hulkshare


Mary Mary, Charles Jenkins and Marvin Sapp steal the show at 2013 Stellars

The 2013 Stellar awards were held last Sunday night in Nashville, Tennessee. As expected, Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp and Pastor Charles Jenkins stole the show with their album projects from 2012; “Go get it back”, “I Win” and “The Best of both worlds” respectively, sharing 14 of the 25 awards given on the night.
Here are the official results courtesy of gospelflava.
Enjoy the pictures too.

WELCOME TO 2013: Our Best Gospel Albums of 2012

I must say it feels good to be back. And I can’t think of a better time to resume than now- in the new year. I’ll also say now that we’re back, we’re here to stay. 
If you were with us before, we’re sure you’d notice a few (major) changes on this blog. Amongst them, I’d say the most significant is our new tagline “The Christian Music Hub”; and this is deliberate. That’s because Starting now, the team here at 4theloveofgospel will be completely dedicated to filling you in on the most recent happenings on the Christian music scene in Nigeria and all around the world. You can make this your destination for firsthand information about Christian music artistes and bands, latest gospel music releases, upcoming events and even interact with other gospel music fans from around the world. Trust that music videos, photo splashes, album reviews, and free downloads will all be part of the party.
So, we welcome you all on board.

To kick off this year, we’ve decided to share what we believe to be the best 3 gospel albums of the year 2012. Of course, this is strictly the opinion of the 4TLG (4theloveofgospel) team. So, feel free to counter our suggestions or even come up with your own list. We hope you’ll share them with us.
Here’s our list

3. JESUS AT THE CENTER (Israel and New Breed)

Recorded live at Lakewood Church in Houston, the “Jesus at the center” CD almost automatically becomes an addiction at first listen. There are absolutely no dull moments in this album released as a 2-CD set in a live worship experience. Unarguably the best live worship CD released in 2012, it missed out on the stellar awards but has so far received two Grammy nominations. With 21 tracks in all and an extended version consisting of 32 tracks available on Itunes, it’s not hard to fall in love with this album.
If you’re a worship leader, the title track “Jesus at the center”, “Overflow” and another titled “Your Presence is Heaven” will be an excellent addition to your set list for 2013.
Spanish American Rapper T-Bone and Israel Houghton did justice to the dance hall song “Te Amo” with the antics they put up on stage. With Israel himself later taking to the percussion set, he began a beautiful instrumental interlude that eventually paved way for T-Bone’s perfect finish.
At 4TLG, “It’s Not Over”; a song that artfully presents the message of hope and restoration is our favorite track from this album.
So check it out and let’s know what you feel about it. It’s available on amazon and itunes.
Also, get back to us on which albums you feel made your own top three.
In our next post, you’ll discover what albums complete our list. See ya.